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Safe Driver Feature

Safe Driver feature. The solution to minimize the dangers of a dstracted driver.

Detects Texting while Driving

Detects Talking on phone while Driving

Eliminate texting and phone calls while driving with Display Tracks' Safe Driver feature. This unique feature allows you to be notified via e-mail and by your phone's notification system whenever any of your devices are making phone calls or text messages while driving.
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Real Security & Protection

Real-Time GPS Tracking

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Display Tracks Quick Demonstration Video

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  • Safe Driver

    Safe Driver Mode

    Use our 'Safe Driver' feature to make sure your users aren't making phone calls or texting while driving.

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  • Business Reports

    Business Reports

    A robust report system gives you all of the data that you need in an organized fashion.

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  • Geo-tagged Photos

    Geo-tagged Photos

    Photos that are taken with our phone application are immediately uploaded to the web application, allowing the web users to view in real-time!

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  • Turn-By-Turn Navigation

    Turn-by-turn Navigation

    Turn-by-turn directions can easily be sent to devices from the web software to navigate your drivers to a desired location.

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  • Real-Time Location Services

    Real-Time Location Services

    Follow any of your devices on a map in real time.

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  • Landmarks


    Mark any commonly sought places or points of interest with Landmark map markers.

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  • On Board Diagnostics

    On Board Diagnostics (OBD)

    On Board Diagnostics give you an enormous weatlh of vehicle information which our system can translate that into how much money fuel is costing you on a daily basis... Let the saving begin.

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