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Some of our AWESOME features include

Safe Driver

Safe Driver Mode

No more reckless phone use

Use our 'Safe Driver' feature to make sure your users aren't making phone calls or texting while driving.



Time/distance to destination

Mark any commonly sought places or points of interest with Landmark map markers.

Turn-By-Turn Navigation

Turn-by-turn Navigation

Send directions to drivers

Turn-by-turn directions can easily be sent so devices from the web software to navigate your driver's to a desired location.

Real-Time Location Services

Real-Time Location Services

Stay updated with your fleet

Follow any of your devices on a map in real time. The dashboard updates as devices update, and give you real time gauges for speed, RPMs, MPG and more.

  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Auto Trip (Start/Stop) Detection
  • On Board Diagnostics Reporting (OBD) - Live dashboard view
  • Safe Driver - Be alerted when driver is talking/texting while driving
  • Routing and Direction Services
  • Geo-tagged Photos and Audio
  • Live Traffic and Weather Views
  • Street View - See what your driver sees

Application Summary

Our enterprise tracking software provides your business or family with a mobile smart phone & tablet application and access to our software as a service (SaaS) web platform.

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Download the Free App

Download the Android application for free with limited functionality (such as basic position tracking and trip logging) by clicking the Google Play store image below.
Download Android App at Google Play Store

Free 30 Day Trial

Fill out the short form to get your free 30 day trial! The month trial gives you access to the full range of features on the mobile and web application. We are confident that we can show you that our services will help your business save money and boost efficiency.

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